Workshop 'Arbeitstechniken im Maschinenbau' (ISTM)


For students of the Bachelor 's degree program in mechanical engineering. Information and centralized registration under Registration deadline: see ATM lecture (2174970)


- Attendance "Arbeitstechniken für den Maschinenbau (2174970)" mandatory

- Limited number of participants

- Mandatory attendance in all workshops

Content of teaching

Provide integrated concepts for power supply in different regions


regular attendance: 12h

self-study: 48h


After completing this workshop the students are able:

- to coordinate and to work constructive within changing teams,

- to find and evaluate scientific data sources and to keep records of needed information,

- to develop expertise and contribute it to the team,

- to present scientific results,

- to summarize results in written form

Exam description

The attendance and active collaboration is required for all workshops. There will be no exam.