Books and Journal Publications

On the interplay of body-force distributions and flow speed for dielectric-barrier discharge plasma actuators
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Measurements in a Turbulent Channel Flow by Means of an LDV Profile Sensor
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Fluid-mechanical evaluation of different clutch geometries based on experimental and numerical investigations = Numerisch-experimentelle Analyse von Strömungs- topologien bei Nutmustervariationen an offenen nassen Lamellenkupplungen
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Establishment and Calibration of a Digital Twin to Replicate the Friction Behaviour of a Pin-on-Disk Tribometer
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Structure of turbulence in the flow around a rectangular cylinder
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Active electrode isolation for advanced plasma actuators
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Drag reduction on a transonic airfoil
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Spatial resolution issues in rough wall turbulence
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Predicting drag on rough surfaces by transfer learning of empirical correlations
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Inter-scale interaction in pipe flows at high Reynolds numbers
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Analysis of the spray-gas interaction of a single GDI jet by means of velocimetry-based pressure evaluation
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Sequential Coupling Shows Minor Effects of Fluid Dynamics on Myocardial Deformation in a Realistic Whole-Heart Model
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Plasma-Based Forcing Strategies for Control of Crossflow Instabilities
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