M.Sc. Annika Frede

  • Institut für Strömungsmechanik
    Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    Kaiserstraße 10, Geb. 10.23
    76131 Karlsruhe
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Journal publications

Drag Assessment for Boundary Layer Control Schemes with Mass Injection
Fahland, G.; Atzori, M.; Frede, A.; Stroh, A.; Frohnapfel, B.; Gatti, D.
2023. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. doi:10.1007/s10494-023-00462-x

Conference contributions

Baysian optimasation of blowing and suction for drag reduction of a transonic airfoil
Mallor, F.; Frede, A.; Rezaeiravesh, S.; Gatti, D.; Schlatter, P.
2023. 14th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements
Numerical investigation of homogeneous blowing and suction on transonic airfoils
Frede, A.; Gatti, D.
2023, September 5. 18th European Turbulence Conference (ETC 2023), Valencia, Spain, September 4–6, 2023