Industrial aerodynamics


This compact lecture deals with flows and aeroacoustics with significance in vehicle development. A special focus is set on the optimization of external vehicle aerodynamics and the presentation of modern industrial wind tunnel technology. The second major thematic block includes both, aeroacoustic basics principles and practical examples of aeroacoustics, especially in the field of automotive technology. These fields are explained in their phenomenology, the corresponding theories are discussed and the tools for measurement and simulation are introduced and demonstrated. This lecture focusses on industry relevant methods for analyses and descriptions of forces, aeroacoustic sound fields, flow structures and turbulence. In addition, an overview of numerical methods for industrial applications is given. The integration and interconnection of the methods in the development processes are discussed exemplary.
An excursion to the Mercedes-Benz AG wind tunnel and the research and development centers is planned.

  • Introduction
  • Aerodynamics of bluff bodies
  • Industrial flow measurement techniques and modern wind tunnel technology
  • Overview of flow simulation in automotive industry
  • Vehicle aerodynamics
  • Passenger comfort of roadsters and cabriolets
  • Soiling of road vehicles
  • Aeroacoustics: basic principles and practical examples of aeroacoustics, especially in the field of automotive technology including aeroacoustic measurement techniques and numerical methods

Students can describe the different properties of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of vehicles flows. They are qualified to analyze external flows around the vehicles and aeroacoustic sound fields of vehicles.

Language of instructionGerman


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