DNS of momentum and heat transfer over rough walls

Simulations of flow and heat tranfer (passive scalar) in fully developed channals over a variety of roughness geometries.

Key Data

  • pseudo-spectral solver SIMSON
  • streamwise and spanwise periodicity of simulation domain
  • direct-forcing immersed boundary method for surface geometry


The files are labeled after the simulation case names

Details in:

Forooghi, P., Stripf, M., & Frohnapfel, B. (2018). A systematic study of turbulent heat transfer over rough walls. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127, 1157-1168.


The simulated cases published in the following papers are available upon request 

Forooghi, P., Stroh, A., Magagnato, F., Jakirlic, S., & Frohnapfel, B. (2017). Toward a universal roughness correlation. Journal of Fluids engineering 139(12), 121201.

Forooghi, P., Frohnapfel, B., Magagnato, F., & Busse, A. (2018). A modified Parametric Forcing Approach for modelling of roughness. International journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 71, 200-209.

Forooghi, P., Stroh, A., Schlatter, P., & Frohnapfel, B. (2018). Direct numerical simulation of flow over dissimilar, randomly distributed roughness elements: A systematic study on the effect of surface morphology on turbulence. Physical Review Fluids, 3(4), 044605.


Please contact Pourya Forooghi (pourya.forooghi∂kit.edu) regarding further information on simulations and corresponding results.