Energy Efficient Cleaning Approach for Euro-Containers

  • contact:

    Jochen Kriegseis, Robin Leister, Marc Hehner

  • funding:

    Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the 
    Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi),
    funding grant No. ZF4475601LL7 / ZF4479301LL7

  • Partner:

    Rau Anlagenbau GmbH (Link), Graben-Neudorf, Germany

  • startdate:

    November 2017

  • enddate:

    April 2019

Development of an automated, energy efficient cleaning approach for Euro-containers and complete removal of logistics and identification labels

In the case of Euro-containers (KLT), the removal of the transport labels after usage presents a major challange and is usually done manually, which leads to high processing times alongside large water consumption. In this project, a system prototyp was developed that localizes the label automatically and rapidly removes it utilizing three-dimensional movements of the bizonar cleaning nozzle and the container transportation and fixture unit. The newly developed jet control matrix was incorporated in the prototyp. The experiment control was tested in each processing step and signified sufficient cleaning results. Within the prototype, the seperation of the different temperature zones and physical state zones was sufficient, but has to be optimized for the specific use case of the customer alongside the controls. Reusage of the washing water was ensured. The prototype was field tested. The results can be incorporated in the production process of the serial system. Like in previous systems, the noise level of the prototype is currently considered too high and is to be investigated in subsequent project.