Turbulence propagation in visco-elastic flows

  • contact:

    Giacomo CocconiBettina Frohnapfel

  • Partner:

    Turbulence Structure Laboratory, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

    Cardiff University, UK (E. De Angelis)

  • startdate:

    May 2013

Small amount of polymers (few parts per million) diluted in a fluid are known to alter the normal behaviour of a turbulent flow in such a way to reduce turbulence and drag. The mechanism behind this phenomena is not well understood, but it is believed to be related to the alteration of the turbulent energy transfer when polymers are intrduced.

The scope of this research is to investigate via direct numerical simulation (DNS), the mechanics of propagation of turbulent fronts into a quiescent surrounding. Viscoelastic models are used in order to reproduce the effect of the introduction of polymers on the turbulent front. The objective is to better understand which variables influences a turbulent front and how their behavior can be altered by the introduction of polymers.

The research is supported by German Israeli Foundation for scientific research and development.